Alexander G. Lapins
Hands on technology leader with a proven track record in aligning technology development with business needs, starting new business lines, and building collaborative development teams. Managed development of and implemented technology stacks for all aspects of hedge fund business, including reference data, quantitative research and model building, portfolio and order management systems, algo trading, realtime P&L and portfolio accounting across equities and fixed income.

Career Highlights

  • Designed, implemented low-latency technology stack for Java microservices, increasing performance by 10x compared to previous stack.
  • Decreased client-affecting critical release bugs by 80% by instituting, managing agile/spiral hybrid SDLC.
  • Created Portal Framework in C# to integrate front end for portfolio trading models, monitors and risk management. Reduced new feature development time by ~50%, grew to host 1/3 of total code in firm.
Managing Director, Software Engineering
Alpha Theory
6/2014 – 6/2018
New York, NY
Alpha Theory provides SaaS which optimizes position sizing. As member of Executive Committee, work on all aspects of company development, strategy and growth. Modernized technical infrastructure, increased performance (both runtime and development time), and increased customer engagement. Highlights include:
  • Opening top end of market by upgrading Alpha Theory’s security posture. Resulted in adding (to date) 4 of the top 15 hedge funds as clients, including funds which had previously declined based on security concerns.
  • Decreasing client-affecting critical release bugs by 80% by instituting, managing SDLC (agile/spiral hybrid). Continuously refining lifecycle based on post-release reviews.
  • Pitching, driving redesign of application UI, resulting in 20% increase in sales conversions. Led hiring, domain-specific training for UX/UI designer; setting criteria for, supervising choice of new front-end stack to support designs, and reduce future development time. (Angular2, Typescript)
  • Designing, implementing low-latency technology stack for Java microservices, increasing performance by 10x for first service (Security Master) to use, and reducing maintenance costs. Stack being used for construction of backend services powering public API and Excel add-in. (Spring Boot, Aeron Messaging, Kryo, Disruptor, CQEngine, Hibernate/Ebeans/JDBC, Jackson)
Vice President, Software Engineer
4/2011 – 5/2014
Millennium Partners
New York, NY
Worked for Fixed Income Market and Reference Data Technology. Projects included:
  • Designed, implemented low-latency server for real time and end of day pricing to provide company-wide normalized real time pricing for corporate, government and mortgage bonds, futures, options, rates, FX spots and forwards. Aggregated feeds from Bloomberg, Reuters, QuoteVision, various brokers. Quotes and end of day prices cleaned via end-user-modifiable rules. Full tick capture, and statistical historical reporting used by Middle office to refine pricing policies, (Java, Streambase, Solace TibRV)
  • Developed data warehouse for use in trading models, including end of day pricing values, calendars, auction results. (MS SQL Server)
  • Developed multithreaded UI allowing Middle Office to validate, clean and sign off on real time and end of day pricing, see historical intraday pricing (C#, Windows.Forms, Solace TibRV)
  • Developed standalone data loaders administrable through REST/JSON. (C#, Spring.NET)
  • Evaluated vendor applications for enterprise wide security master, in partnership with Chief Architect.
Vice President
4/2010 – 3/2011
Barclays Capital
New York, NY
Worked on server components of Bond, CDX/CDS offerings, inquiries management trading systems written in Java using SOA principles connected by Tibco EMS, using Oracle for persistence. Designed build and deployment process from scratch for a multi-process loosely coupled application, using Ant, Ivy, JUnit with a CruiseControl CI server.
Chief Architect
2/2001 – 1/2010
George Weiss Associates
New York, NY
Created and implemented technology vision for multi-billion-dollar hedge fund. Managed group of 10 developers and QA. Responsible for all application development, including home grown Algo Trading, OMS, Trade Accounting, Risk Management systems. Worked with Risk and Portfolio Managers, Quants, Back Office Management to determine requirements for project and enterprise architecture. Mentored developers and Quants. Worked hands on in every aspect of development from requirements writing through maintenance. Significant projects included:
  • Defined full SDLC. Instituted version control, build management tools, QA processes and standards. Moved department, applications from cut'n'paste reuse to construction of common components, reducing time, risk for multiple kinds of changes.
  • Created toolset broadly applicable to multiple strategies, lowering development time/cost. Toolset included Risk Management system, portfolio management and monitoring. Evangelized tools within companies, searching out opportunities for reuse, common components.
  • Slashed development time by 50% by creating Portal development framework using C# WinForms, Spring.NET. Used for trading model development and visualization by quants; all risk management development. The Portal provided consistent, easily understood structure, allowing developers to be used interchangeably and reducing time to learn existing applications. Framework used by quants and other non-IT developers. 1/3 of the total code in the company ran in the Portal (everything but the OMS, accounting, and company wide P&L)
  • Wrote trading algorithm, integrated with OMS. Algorithm provided access to additional liquidity pools and reduced trading costs by 90% compared to previous execution methods. Algorithm, front end originally developed for single strategy; was requested by traders within all other strategies within two weeks of initial rollout.
  • Designed, personally implemented POC of CEP based P&L engine; also allowed ad hoc query and aggregation. Calculated company-wide P&L at tax lot level (65,000 tax lots) in < 3/10 second. Required interfacing with OMS, IDC, Bloomberg, Trade Accounting Systems to get trades, prices, convert to tax lots, calculate P&L.
  • Wrote ADO.NET replacement that increased performance by 10x. Included same functionality as ADO.NET (joins, views) but based on strongly typed object model, allowed partial recalculations of aggregates based on changes and incorporated multithreading for receiving changes from price feeds, message queues.
CTO, Director of Technology
11/1998 – 2/2001
Opus360 Corporation
New York, NY
As Co-Founder of Opus360, a publicly held professional services automation SaaS company, participated in all aspects of business, from inception to IPO, including: writing business plan, defining targeted market spaces, hiring senior management, defining product lines, performing competitive analysis, designing, implementing deploying products. Personally created, evangelized strategic technology vision, led technical sales, defined product strategies.
  • Evangelized technical, business vision within the development group, resulting in consistency of understanding that investors felt was unparalleled in their other start-ups
  • Built tight knit 30 person engineering department from scratch. Attracted high quality people with low turnover rate during period of aggressive job hopping. Trained, mentored architects, developers, UI designers.
  • Created product architecture using MVC, Command patterns long before they became standards in web architecture.
  • Designed, prototyped, implemented architectures for three core products, allowing rapid expansion of development team by minimizing learning curve.
  • Defined SDLC, development methodologies which allowed department to scale rapidly with low barrier to entry for new employees.
  • Defined process, executed technical due diligence, selection for partners, technology providers (Ariba, BEA, Oracle, PeopleSciences) including build versus buy criteria.
  • IPO at $77 million valuation 2 years after company start.
Chief Programmer, Webmaster
11/1997 – 11/1998
GrayPeak Technologies/USWeb
New York, NY
Hired by high growth network consulting company to create an intranet application to optimize hiring, staffing, project management, and billing, with an eye to spinning off as a separate company. Led team of internal and overseas developers, wrote requirements, technical specifications, end user documentation, designed and implemented most critical portions of product personally.
Director of Programming
4/1996 –11/1997
BrainBug LLC
Hartford, CT
As Director of Programming for startup web design company was responsible for all technology related activities within company, including response to RFCs, project estimation, budgeting, implementation. Project highlights included: online surplus auction application for the State of Connecticut; Vice Presidential Debate site in partnership with RealNetworks, Times Mirror, WTIC; created variety of publication systems.
Bachelor’s Degree
Trinity College
Hartford, CT
Graduated with honors. B.A. in English, Minors in Japanese Civilization and European History. Phi Beta Kappa

Languages: C#, Java, Javascript, VB 6, VB.NET, ActionScript, Flex, Esper EPL, XML, XSL, XSD, RDF, HTML, CSS, SQL, T-SQL

Servers: J2EE / JEE (JSP, Servlets, EJB, JMS), JBoss, Weblogic, SonicMQ, Aeron Messaging, Fiorano ESB, Tomcat, ColdFusion, ASP, DTS, SSIS, SSRS

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server; Oracle; Vertica

CEP: Esper; Streambase, Aleri

Tools: Git, Subversion, CVS, Visual SourceSafe, Perforce, Confluence, Jira, OnTime, Rational Rose, UML, ER/Win

Build Tools: NUnit, JUnit, NAnt, Ant, Ivy, Maven

Algorithmic Trading/FIX Platforms: FlexTrade, Inforeach, Cameron

IDEs: Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA, JBuilder

Components/Frameworks: Spring, Spring.NET, Cairngorm, Hibernate, NHibernate, Devexpress, Chart FX, Vintela SSO for Java, SmartClient, Angular JS, HighCharts, Selenium, Gauge